Cop Blockers are focused on highlighting the twofold models regularly allowed to those with identifications. By recording police activities with a camera – whether they are unlawful, shameless, or only an exercise in futility and assets – we can cooperate to show individuals that “Identifications Don’t Concede Additional Rights” and elevate approaches to film the police, as well as to get such substance before however many eyes as would be prudent.

With productive talk and learning, through the scattering of various perspectives and strategies, the individuals who see the substance here can see, as well as battle, the continuous infringement inside current policing today.

CopBlock does not “abhor cops” in light of the fact that CopBlock is the possibility that “Identifications Don’t Allow Additional Rights.”

Hence, it can’t abhor, or adore, anything. However, we was established on the rule that every individual have meet rights; nobody class or gathering of individuals has any a greater number of rights than another in light of their occupation. The disappointment and powerlessness to acknowledge and follow up on this rationality is to the burden of all people. By centering the sterilizing light of straightforwardness on open authorities, we protect our rights as well as those of who and what is to come.